Shari Mattox Photography | Tips and Tricks

Here are my Top 10 Tips for making your space more appealing in photos.

Tip 1. It may seem obvious but DE-CLUTTER every room. Clean counter tops, bedside tables, clean mirrors, remove all personal items from is vital. 

Tip 2. One of my pet hates is WIRES/CABLES dangling all over the place! Wherever possible I always try to hide them. Unplug whatever you can or use blue-tack to tape them behind other items. 

Tip 3. TIDY & STRAIGHTEN all curtains, blinds, bedding, towels, cushions, etc. Iron them if necessary. 

Lights on, close doors, remove signs, iron bedding.

Tip 4. Turn all the LIGHTS ON. Make sure all your lights are working...Replace bulbs if they have burnt out. All lights will need to be on during the shoot so please make sure they all work.  This includes cooker lights in the kitchen. This creates warmth and inviting light.

Tip 5. I’m not against photographing bathrooms, some look great. But, please ensure the TOLIET LID IS COMPLETELY CLOSED and there is no bin or toilet brush in sight! Eeek!!  Also, make sure you remove all personal items like toothbrushes, makeup, etc.

Tip 6. Think about your target market and dress your rooms accordingly. USING PROPS can be used to invite guests in.  Romantic Getaway? Use a bottle of wine and glasses or Champagne and chocolates...Family fun break? Try a nice sun hat, place a book on an outdoor lounger or throw some fun floaties in the pool or dress the dinning table.  Make sure to take the BBQ cover off...maybe even open the lid and through on some food. These types of props will attract potential guests to your page and it's far more tempting than something plain and uninteresting.


*Added tip: Less is more, never over dress any room, it can have the potential of looking cluttered.

Tip 7. STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD. I’ve seen too many homes that all look the same.  The same cushions, bed linens, pictures on the walls, etc...make your place unique.  You need something that makes you stand out from everyone else.  The market for holiday homes is very competitive so you need to be different.  Think Op Shops for unique decor.  You won’t pay a fortune and you’ll have something that no one else has.

Tip 8. Ensure your OUTSIDE AREAS are looking tip top. Hanging baskets flourishing, decking or patio swept, lawn free of weeds, grass trimmed and looking neat. BBQ, pool and spa covers removed.


Tip 9Use lush INDOOR PLANTS or native flora to decorate homes, instead of bunches of flowers. They will last much longer than a bunch of cut roses and you won't have to constantly replace them. 

Indoor plants like these from Ivy Muse’s Sanctuary collection are hot property in interior trends and are an easy edition to add to any home. Photography: Annette O’Brien. Styling: Alana Langan.

Tip 10. Remember the reasons that people come to stay in your property. Is it the stunning view? Is there a fantastic garden? Think about it’s unique features and how best they will look in photographs.

BONUS TIP: Focus on all the important areas of your home and make them look as attractive and appealing as possible.