Shari Mattox Photography | About

Shari is a self-taught professional photographer with over six years experience in shooting professionally, mainly properties but also loves to get out and capture beautiful landscapes. 

After moving to Australia in 2011, Shari began to build up her portfolio and show her art to the world.  She has showcased her private work at exhibitions in Kingston Art Gallery and Mr Burch’s Café.  Some of her work has been displayed on the cover of the Yellow Pages, shown in Australian Photography Magazine and has also been highly commended for her entries at Kingston Lens Mist Competition.

After discovering that it was very difficult to make a living selling landscapes, Shari started working for airbnb as a freelance photographer.  There she learned how to professionally shoot houses and decided to start her own company which was very successful.  Then, at the beginning of 2018, she and a friend started Epitome Home Images, specializing in holiday home and real estate photography.  

Not wanting to give up on her first passion, this website is now dedicated to the beautiful landscapes around us.  These are some of Shari's favorite landscape and architectural works.  She's hoping to combine both sides of her photography and have some of her beautiful images on the walls of the homes she photographs.